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Connecting Water Resources 2015

CWR 2015 was held on March 10-12 in Ottawa, Ontario. The conference brought leading thinkers and doers together from academic, private and public sectors to collaborate on how to impact water management. The event delivered unparalleled opportunities to co-create and move towards action, by addressing the real needs and questions affecting decision-making in water management.

Conference Partners

Explore our exciting lineup of speakers

Julie Abouchar

James Arnott

Jean-François Barsoum

Oliver M. Brandes

Cecelia Brooks

Jim F. Brown

Darla Campbell

Linda Carpenter

Heather Castleden

Margaret Catley-Carlson

Bernadette Conant

Simon Courtenay

Nicola Crawhall

Annie Daigle

The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell

Grahame Farquhar

Graham Gagnon

Nancy Griffin

Danny Higashitani

Karen Kidd

Nancy Kodousek

His Excellence Cees Kole

Bu Lam

Andrew Leach

Irving Leblanc

Adam Lovell

Erin Mahoney

David Marshall

Lynda McCarthy

Barb McMurray

Madjid Mohseni

Emily Moore

Pat Mulroy

Dhesigen Naidoo

Sandra Odendahl

Terry O'Reilly

Brent Paterson

Bob Rae

Robert Renner

Christa Seaman

Hans Schreier

Harry Seah

Keith Smith

Frans van de Ven

Peter Vanrolleghem

Charles Vörösmarty

Carl Weatherell

Elder Gordon Williams

Carl D. Yates

Beverly Yee

Daniel Yeon

Janice Zinck


Blue Cities:
Moving to the systems we need


Resource Development and Agriculture:
Securing our future


Small and Aboriginal Communities:
Solutions that fit

Conference Partners