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Connecting Water Resources 2015: Moving from Knowledge to Action

The conference featured Canadian and international speakers with diverse expertise from the public and private sector and academia. Over three days of discussion at Connecting Water Resources 2015, drivers for action, knowledge that fits the need, and where action is seeking knowledge were explored.

Click on the speakers’ photos to view their presentation slides. Videos are available for select speakers.

Presentations and Videos

Bob Rae Speaking at CWR 2015

Bob Rae

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Opening Plenary Panel at CWR 2015

Opening Plenary Panel

Is it a Water Issue?

Bernadette Conant Speaking at CWR 2015

Bernadette Conant

Canadian Water Network Overview

Wednesday Plenary Panel at CWR 2015

Wednesday Plenary Panel

Getting From Knowledge to Options on the Table

Harry Seah - Speaking at CWR 2015

Harry Seah

Making Sense and Use of Information

Elizabeth Dowdswell Speaking at CWR 2015

The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

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Thursday Plenary Panel Opening at CWR 2015

Thursday Plenary Panel

Where Action is Seeking Knowledge

Margaret Catley-Carlson Speaking at CWR 2015

Margaret Catley-Carlson

Agriculture Future: Growing more food AND protecting the resource base. Improbably? Impossible?

Beverly Yee Speaking at CWR 2015

Beverly Yee

Building the Bridge...Across the Chasm

Carl Yates Speaking at CWR 2015

Carl Yates

The Drive to Control Water System Leakage

Bu Lam Speaking at CWR 2015

Bu Lam

Water Management in Nunavut: Challenges and Opportunities for Small and Remote, Northern Communities

Graham Gagnon Speaking at CWR 2015

Graham Gagnon

Innovation in the Context of Small and Aboriginal Water Systems

Danny Higashitani - Speaking at CWR 2015

Danny Higashitani

Water Treatment in BC First Nations: Technology vs Innovation

Carl Weatherell Speaking at CWR 2015

Carl Weatherell

Fundamentally Transforming the Minerals Industry

Adam Lovell Speaking at CWR 2015

Adam Lovell

Blue Cities: Moving to the systems we need

Rob Renner Speaking at CWR 2015

Rob Renner

Delivering Research: Supporting Action

Karen Kidd Speaking at CWR 2015

Karen Kidd

Substances of Emerging Concern: Evaluating effects

Peter Vanrolleghem

Models & Micropollutants

Lynda McCarthy

Blue Cities: Moving to the systems we need

Nancy Griffin Speaking at CWR 2015

Nancy Griffin

International Women's Forum

Dhesigen Naidoo

Knowledge to Action: Vistas from the South

Brent Paterson - Speaking at CWR 2015

Brent Paterson

Food Production and Water

Erin Mahoney

Risks, Full Cost Recovery, and Grey and Green Infrastructure

Nancy Kodousek - Speaking at CWR 2015

Nancy Kodousek

2014 Water Supply Master Plan Update

Nicola Crawhall speaking at CWR 2015

Nicola Crawhall

Sustainable Municipal Water Management: Measuring progress and reporting publicly

Frans van de Ven - CWR 2015 Speaker Photo

Frans van de Ven

Making Space for Water: To manage risks and to create resilience

Janice Speaking at CWR 2015

Janice Zinck

Water in Mining: Drivers for ongoing innovation

Daniel Yeon - CWR 2015 Powerpoint Presentation

Daniel Yeon

Resource Development & Agriculture: Securing our future

Julie Abouchar - CWR 2015 Powerpoint Presentation

Julie Abouchar

Snapshot: Aboriginal and Small Community Drinking Water Issues

Darla Campbell at Connecting Water Resources 2015

Darla Campbell

Small Communities: Challenges in Municipal Wastewater and Stormwater Infrastructure