Connecting Water Resources 2015 Press

We're very committed to the idea that you have to do something that leads people to actionable results, not just spark a dialogue. That's not enough for us.

Bernadette Conant, Canadian Water Network

Media Coverage

Jenn Willoughby Talks CWR 2015 & Water Challenges in Ottawa

From Knowledge to Action: The 2015 CWR conference hopes to inspire change and action in all sectors of Canada’s water industry

Margaret Catley-Carlson Talks Global Water Challenges (approx 4:15 minute mark)

First Nations Water Problems Won’t Be Solved By Charity, Expert Says

Warren Wishart Talks Municipal Water Management (March 11, 11am at approx. 8 minute mark)

RBC Gives Sneak Peek of Water Attitude Study at CWR 2015


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